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The rooms of Palazzo Besso

Ingresso Marco Besso_soffitto.jpg
Fregio incisioni Ingresso Marco.png

Marco Besso entrance

The entrance to the current Reading Room has busts of Julius Caesar and two Roman emperors, Trajan and Marcus Aurelius, in the niches above the doors.

The floor is splendid, a composition of precious marbles, bardiglio, cipollino, African green and antique yellow that forms an articulated design of octagons and rhombuses of different sizes. To admire the liberty style French windows overlooking the square of Largo di Torre Argentina, with painted and profiled windows.

Ingresso Marco Besso.jpg

The Foundation has recently placed on the walls, inside central and corner mirrors, engravings by various authors from the large collection of Marco Besso's prints.

Ingresso Ernesta Besso.png
busts above the door niches

Julius Caesar


Marco Aurelio

Marcus Aurelius

Ingresso Marco Besso.jpg
composition of precious marbles that forms an articulated design of octagons and rhombuses of different sizes
French windows with painted and profiled windows
Ingresso Marco Besso incisioni.jpg
engravings by various authors from Marco Besso's large collection of prints


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fragment of a marble floor from the Strozzi period
Fregio Strozzi-particolare
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