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The Marco Besso Library adheres to the SBN Polo of the State Public Libraries of Rome. To select the Library click on the appropriate drop-down list.

Collective catalog of libraries participating in the National Library Service. It contains descriptions and locations of library material and other types of documents, cataloged according to their respective specificities. It allows you to access the information content of the catalog with easy search methods and to use the related services.

The Marco Besso library has been registered in the collective catalog of periodical publications since 2004

Catalog of the Library's prints and photographs, a considerable iconographic collection of monuments, views and significant places in the city of Rome, many of which have disappeared today. The collection also contains images of the Besso family and of the homonymous building, seat of the Foundation.

Catalog of over 1000 17th century editions printed in Italy and abroad owned by the Library.

Catalog of the collection owned by the Library of over 1000 copies of editions on proverbs, pasquinades, idioms, anecdotes, aphorisms, popular songs and epigrams.

Project in collaboration with other libraries and institutions aimed at reporting documents relating to the city of Rome from the Middle Ages to today, extracts from monographic works and periodical publications.

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