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Website Cookie Policy
Marco Besso Foundation

The Marco Besso Foundation uses cookies to ensure its users access to the information on the website in the simplest and most efficient way possible. Cookies are small text files that are saved in the directories used by the user's web browser.

There are various types of cookies: some make the use of the site more effective, others enable certain functions. By browsing our site you are consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not want to consent to the use of cookies, you must set your browser appropriately or otherwise you will not be able to use the services provided by the site. Disabling the cookies used by our site could affect the browsing experience.

Types of Cookies:

  • Technical cookies: also called essential cookies allow the proper functioning of some sections of the site. These cookies, always sent from our domain, are necessary to correctly view the site in relation to the technical services offered, they will therefore always be used and sent, unless the user changes the settings in his browser. They can be of two categories: 'session cookies' and 'persistent cookies'. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you leave the site. A 'persistent cookie' remains on your device for much longer or until you manually delete it.

  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to collect information on the use of the site. The Marco Besso Foundation will use this information in respect of anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the use of the site and to make the contents more interesting and relevant to the wishes of users. This type of cookie collects anonymous data on user activity and how it arrived on the site in question. Analytical cookies are sent from the site itself or from third-party domains.

  • Third-party service analysis cookies: these cookies are used in order to collect information on the use of the site by users anonymously such as: pages visited, time spent, origins of the traffic of origin, geographical origin, age, gender and interests for marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent from third-party domains external to the site.

  • Cookies to integrate third-party products and software functions: this type of cookie integrates functions developed by third parties within the pages of the site such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks for sharing site content or for use third-party software services (such as software to generate maps and additional software that offers additional services). These cookies are sent from third-party domains and from partner sites that offer their functionality on the pages of the site.

The Marco Besso Foundation does not use profiling cookies and, according to current legislation, it is not required to seek consent for technical and analytics cookies, as they are necessary to provide the required services.

For all other types of cookies, consent can be expressed by the user with one or more of the following methods:
a) through specific configurations of the browser used or the related computer programs used to navigate the pages that make up the site.
b) by changing the settings in the use of third-party services.
Both of these solutions could prevent the user from using or viewing parts of the site.

Third Party Websites and Services

The site may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policy which may be different from that adopted by the Marco Besso Foundation and which consequently is not responsible for the provisions of these sites.
To disable third-party service cookies, follow the procedures provided for on the related websites that are accessed from time to time.

To disable third-party service cookies, you can follow the procedures provided by configuring your browser:

The site also incorporates plugins and / or buttons to directly access the Foundation's social networks. These plugins are programmed so as not to set any cookies when accessing the page, to safeguard user privacy. Eventually cookies are set, if so provided by social networks, only when the user makes effective and voluntary use of the plugin. Please note that if the user browses being logged into the social network then he has already consented to the use of cookies conveyed through this site at the time of registration to the social network.

The collection and use of the information obtained through the plugin are governed by the respective privacy policies of the social networks, to which please refer.

This page is visible through the link shown in the menu at the bottom of all the pages of the site pursuant to art. 122 second paragraph of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and following the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette 126 of June 3, 2014 and related register of measures no. 229 of 8 May 2014.

For more information on cookies visit the FAQ page of the Privacy Guarantor

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