The Foundation was established on 1 June 1918 by Marco Besso , from Trieste who had made Rome his second home.

Actuary of very high intuitions, Besso, already as a young officer of Assicurazioni Generali (1863), had glimpsed the vast developments in social security until he is today considered one of its founders; with ingenuity and tenacity he rose to the top of the Company, bringing it to the forefront of the sector.

Beyond his profession he cultivated and favored economic, financial, humanistic and literary studies with modern intentions and exceptional organizational skills: among his great interests Rome and Dante.

The purpose of the Foundation is the dissemination of culture with direct communication through conventions, conferences, exhibitions, guided tours, cycles of lectures and with the Library in the Largo di Torre Argentina 11 headquarters.

The Library, following the founder's cultural trends, updates its collections on Rome, Dante and proverbs, as well as on Tuscia, whose initial fund was donated. Today it has over 70,000 volumes.

The Foundation also carries out an editorial activity thus interpreting Marco's thought: to facilitate access to culture for all.

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