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The rooms of Palazzo Besso

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Next to the Conference Room there is a delightful liberty-style environment that retains the same furnishings from the time of Marco Besso including the splendid Murano chandelier, the wooden paneling, in which a shutter-shaped piece of furniture is inserted, and a very original parquet on canvas on which micro-dowels of three types of wood are glued: boxwood, oak and chestnut.

Above the fireplace with a large mirror, a pair of Japanese metal vases with floral decoration and a Japanese-made Satsuma-style vase (19th century).
You can also admire the oil portrait of Regina Cusin (mother of Marco Besso), four photos with oval frames in carved wood with the portraits of Marco Besso, his wife Ernesta, Salvatore Besso di Arta (Marco's father) and Regina Cusin and

the portrait of Salvatore Besso by Amalia Goldmann Besso, the painter aunt often his traveling companion.

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Fumoir soffitto


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