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The Marco Besso Library specializes in studying, researching and updating the history of Rome and Dante Alighieri. It has a large paremiological collection of considerable importance, many publications on Risorgimento history and economic and insurance studies, all of which are themes from the original collection of the Founder. It has a patrimony of over 70,000 volumes as well as periodicals and works of a general nature, including the personal library of Marco Besso and that of his son Salvatore. An integral part of the library's assets are the Goretti Fund concerning the Tuscia and the Fund of prints and photographs. The Library adheres to the national SBN catalog through the OPAC of the Polo delle State Public Libraries of Rome (RML) and to the National Catalog of ACNP periodicals

The library is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17.00. Exceptional closures and timetable changes will be promptly communicated through the Foundation's website

a) All those who carry out research and study activities, who have reached the age of eighteen and who are in possession of a valid identity document, are admitted to attend.
b) Online registration is required to register for the library. Subsequently, upon receiving a confirmation request email via a link, it will be possible to access the booking service
c) Access to the library is allowed only upon reservation . The service allows you to book the day, time and study material to be consulted
d) Upon access it is required to show a valid identification document to validate the registration together with the barcode generated at the time of booking

a) Users may introduce their own volumes and / or photocopies into the library areas only with the authorization of the Management and / or Library staff. The staff will be able to verify the study material introduced in the library rooms
b) It is possible to make 4 requests per day for a total of 8 volumes.
c) The volumes in the Reading Room are directly available. Once the consultation is complete, the books must be left on the table and it will be the responsibility of the staff to put them back in their place
d) The volumes consulted can be left in storage for 7 working days by filling in the appropriate form. Different requests will be evaluated by the Management and / or by the library staff
e) At the end of the consultation, the volumes must be left on the study table. Before leaving the library for good, it is necessary to return the key to the locker assigned
f) Library materials can only be consulted on site. By statute, the loan is not granted, but only consultation on site. Any attempt to steal materials from the library will be considered theft
g) It is forbidden to make signs or write, even in pencil, on books and documents

a) Bags and personal items must be stored in the special lockers assigned at the entrance, while coats and overcoats must be left on the hangers. The Library is not responsible for objects or personal possessions brought into its premises and / or deposited in the lockers
c) The most rigorous silence must be respected in all areas of the library
d) The use of mobile phones is strongly discouraged: please keep them turned off or in silent mode. In particular, it is forbidden to use it both for telephone conversations and for photographic reproductions of environments and / or people
e) It is forbidden to consume food and drinks
f) Smoking is strictly forbidden in all areas of the Foundation
g) It is forbidden to enter without authorization in the premises where the personnel offices are located or in other places expressly forbidden
h) It is forbidden to make improper use of the furnishings and equipment of the rooms or to prevent full accessibility by other users of the space made available
i) Any damage, in addition to providing for permanent removal from the library, will entail the obligation of compensation for damage and any legal consequences

The library provides information and guides on the use of catalogs, repertoires, material in consultation and for the identification and localization of publications


a) The Library does not carry out photocopying services
b) Reproduction by own means (cameras, tablets, smartphones) is permitted as required by current legislation and in compliance with copyright legislation for study use only, provided that the state of conservation and the obligation of protection allow it. Reproduction must be carried out in the manner and with the means suitable to guarantee the protection of the material
c) Before proceeding with the reproduction, it is necessary to request it by filling in the appropriate form available in the Reading Room and delivering it to the staff present in the Room
d) Prints, photos, cartographic material, manuscripts, rare and valuable books, old books in imperfect conditions of conservation, material of such dimensions that it cannot be easily handled are not reproducible independently. For this material, the Management, having read the request, will evaluate any reproduction in digital format
e) Reproductions for editorial or commercial purposes must be sent and authorized by the Library Management

The Library offers users free access to the Internet via a wireless network. The connection takes place with specific access credentials to be requested from the library staff. Browsing is limited to research purposes only and improper use is prohibited

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of the Marco Besso Library

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