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Provisions concerning the management of the connected situation
the risk of spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19)



  1. The Library is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 16.30

  2. Access to the Library is allowed by reservation only

  3. The service allows you to book the day, time and study material to be consulted. Bibliographic searches are carried out by consulting online catalogs

  4. Access to the library is allowed to a maximum of 6 users at the same time

  5. As a preventive anti-contagion measure, body temperature will be measured before access (if this temperature is higher than 37.5 °, access will not be allowed). Access is not allowed even in the presence of other flu symptoms

  6. The use of a mask and gloves is mandatory for the entire time spent in the library, as well as the thorough disinfection of the hands using the dispensers with disinfectant gels. While reiterating the importance of sanitation, attention is required in the use of sanitizers when handling volumes

    Users are obliged to maintain a safe distance of one meter as well as a behavior that reduces any possibility of contagion

  7. The volumes requested must be left on the table after being consulted

  8. It is not allowed to take the volumes directly from the shelves of the Reading Room, which must be requested from the staff; the consultation of the "Staderini" catalog is not allowed

  9. It will not be possible to keep books on deposit

  10. Once the consultation is complete, the volumes will be subjected to a 3 to 10 day quarantine; all documents arriving at the library will be subjected to the same procedure (in purchase, free of charge, in exchange)

  11. It is forbidden to enter other rooms outside the Reading Room and adjacent toilets

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